Evidence-based reality: Flu shots do more harm than good

Flu shot propaganda is everywhere — and it seems like the vaccine industry is getting pushier every year. In addition to the mainstream media’s “flupocalypse” scare tactics, there’s now a wave of “free” flu shots taking over supermarkets and pharmacies — and all it will cost you is your health. The vaccine industry is a total sham, bent on convincing humanity that we need Big Pharma to survive. But as a growing body of evidence shows, flu shots are doing more harm than good.

If you were to believe the massive fear-mongering campaign being waged by pro-vaccine propagandists, the flu shot would appear to be the only thing standing between you and a life-threatening illness. But research from across the globe has confirmed that flu shots are far more dangerous than vaccine industry puppets would like for you to believe.

More harm than good

As Natural Health 365 reports, the flu shot industry is big business for Big Pharma. The flu shot market alone is expected to reach a value of $3 billion in the next five years – but only if the industry can continue to coerce the public into blindly accepting their vaccines. There’s no better way to ensure they have willing guinea pigs than to conjure up mass paranoia and fear.

In addition to being an industry driven solely by profit, flu shots have been consistently shown to increase the risks for a number of health problems. Pro-vaccine zealots aren’t just securing profits for Big Pharma, they are actually making people sick.

As Natural Health 365 reports:

For instance, researchers at the British Columbia CDC discovered that people who received a seasonal flu vaccine in 2008 were actually twice as likely to fall ill with the H1N1 flu back in 2009. This so-called “Canadian problem” has since been confirmed in populations from other countries.

Other data indicates that getting a flu shot can increase your risk of catching a cold or virus. Past research has also indicated that flu shots can have disastrous effects on your internal organs. Developing fetuses and infants are particularly susceptible to such harm.

In December, a man was left unable to walk or breathe on his own after receiving a seasonal flu vaccine. But under pro-vaccine dogma, the very notion that a vaccine could produce these effects is unfathomable. Indeed, pro-vaccine propaganda lies in stark opposition to medical reality: In addition to ignoring obvious adverse events, mainstream medicine honestly wants people to believe that injecting themselves with toxic aluminum adjuvants, preservatives and other questionable ingredients is somehow safe.

The vaccine safety charade

There is no greater con than the erroneous notion that vaccines are implicitly safe. While the mainstream media has been busy shoving pro-vaccine propaganda down people’s throats, actual scientists are growing increasingly critical of the medical community’s dogmatic approach to vaccination.

As a recent Cochrane Review contends, current “vaccination selection and production programmes are based on aetiological assumptions which are neither explanatory nor predictive, as shown in our reviews.”

The review states further that most research on flu shots are so low-quality that their conclusions are either inconclusive or totally unreliable. For example, data suggests that 71 adults need to be given a flu shot to prevent just one case of flu — which means that the flu shot is not nearly as effective at preventing disease as the industry would like you to think.

Ultimately, the data clearly show that flu shots aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

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